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What is conversion attribution – the easy stuff

Conversion attribution modelling is one of those things that every marketer is aware of and understands its importance. However, it is usually black-boxed and delivered with no details of how it is calculated. This article will show you our approach towards attribution and why we believe it could be just about what you need to help you distribute marketing budgets in the best possible way.

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Why the data-driven models of conversion attribution are better

From the previous article you should have learned what conversion attribution modelling is and why it is important to see beyond the last-click data. Now let’s talk about the models themselves – how they work, what is our approach to building custom models and why it is better than what you get from Google Analytics reports.

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Why attribution modelling needs an individual approach

We believe that in order to make the attribution modelling as effective and applicable as possible, it is necessary to customize its settings. This is usually done after the initial verification of conversion paths and it includes several configuration parameters. The most important one is the choice of user path lengths.

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Reach/TV Attribution – how offline campaigns influence online sales

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Our partners often asked us about how to measure offline campaigns. How to decide which TV channel or which particular advertisement is better in driving customers from their offline world to the website. We finally have a solution! Our data science team devised a way to calculate this influence – we called it Reach Attribution.

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